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Epoxy floor coatings provide both safety and aesthetics when used in residential applications such as:

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Garage Floors

If you want to give your garage an aesthetic overhaul, consider an epoxy coating for your concrete floors. Epoxy floors are customizable as well as easy to clean, stain-resistant and non-slip. Many homeowners choose a full broadcast flaked epoxy coating to hide the dust and dirt that will inevitably be tracked in, but we can execute a wide range of colors, patterns, designs or logos to suit your aesthetic preferences. We can even add metallic chips to give the floor a bit of sparkle.

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Basement Floors

Increase the comfort and usability of your basement with epoxy floor coating. A self-leveling epoxy turns cracked, uneven basement floors into smooth, hazard-free surfaces while also creating a protective barrier that repels moisture and seals off typical musty smelling environment. Gone are the days of dank, dusty, dark basements used only to store Christmas decorations and old appliances; now, you can have the rec room, playroom or extra bedroom you’ve always wanted.

epoxy flooring for homes in Canton, MI

Whole-home Applications

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to opt for an epoxy-coated floor throughout their home, especially those who have opted for radiant (heated) floors. As the top layer of the floor, epoxy provides an easy-to-clean surface that provides the desired aesthetic and also feels great on bare feet.

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Patios, Porches, walkways and Pool Decks

Concrete patios, porches, walkways and pool decks can look new again with a custom decorative UV protected Polyaspartic coated quartz or chip coating.

epoxy flooring for homes in Canton, MI

Custom Colors and Blends

Show your school or team pride

We pride ourselves in creating customized flooring for our customers, and look forward to working with you on your own custom floor if you decide to move forward with us. We really enjoy working with our customers to provide a unique floor that is one of a kind to them and their homes.

Find Your Blend

Use the "Find your Blend" tool. You can browse the pre-made blends or create custom blends. If you've found yourself with a couple blends you'd like to see in person, please share those details with us and we would be happy to provide you with a free custom sample board.

Custom Blend Examples:

custom blend commercial flooring
Blizzard Pile
custom blend colors for commercial floors
Blue Granite
commercial epoxy flooring
Dolerite Pearl
commercial flooring provider
Taffy Pile

Benefits of EPoxy Floors

The benefits you’ll enjoy with an epoxy floor coating install from the team at QIC include:

  • Nearly endless variety of customizable aesthetics
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Flooring that is abrasion- and stain-resistant
  • 15-year warranty against moisture intrusion*
  • Added value to your home
  • Low-maintenance and easy to clean
  • Self-leveling, high-build epoxy for the smoothest results

Additionally, epoxy can be layered to build up to any desired thickness and since resins are poured, they cure and harden to a smooth surface without seams, joints or ridges. This gives the homeowners more control over how their floors turn out than with other flooring options.

Not Sure Whether Epoxy is Right For Your Floors?

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*Depending on your chosen floor system, this warranty is available upon request

How to Care For Your Epoxy Floors

Your epoxy floors are durable and strong, but you will need to perform at least minimal maintenance to keep them in their best condition. Here are some basic tips for making sure your epoxy floors remain beautiful and high-performing for years to come.

Keep the floor free of dirt, debris and grit

Allowing dirt and debris to accumulate can potentially scratch the surface of your epoxy floor, especially if you’re moving furniture, vehicles or appliances over it. The best way to prevent that damage is to keep it clean using a shop vacuum with a soft brush attac

Avoid soap-based cleaners

Soap-based floor cleaners leave a hazy residue on the epoxy flooring that will continue to accumulate over time, creating a slipping hazard. Mopping or deck-brushing your floor with warm water is typically all it needs to remain in top condition.

Cleaning spills

Urethane-coated epoxy is smooth and seamless, so cleaning spills is usually as easy as wiping the spill up with a towel or mop and warm water. For cleaning chemical, paint, motor oil or other vehicle fluid spills, make sure you clean the spill as soon as possible using clean towels, paper towels, or a mop with warm water. Don’t allow these spills to sit on the epoxy floor, as they can damage the surface.

Cleaning heavily-soiled epoxy floors

The best way to clean an extra-dirty epoxy floor is to carefully sweep or vacuum the entire surface, then use a hard foam mop and warm-to-hot water to remove the buildup. If necessary, you can use diluted ammonia* to mop a second time.

*use no more than 2-3 oz. ammonia per gallon of hot water

Stain removal

Urethane-coated epoxy is resistant to stains, but an unchecked spill can become harder to remedy over time. You can spot-clean with warm water and a kitchen sponge, foam mop or even a soft deck brush. Avoid using steel wool or abrasive chemicals. For difficult stains, try using a moderately abrasive scrub brush and a gentle cleanser, such as Soft Scrub or Simple Green – just be sure that whatever you use does not contain citrus, vinegar or bleach. These will break down the epoxy catalyst and compromise its durability.

CSI MasterFormat Specialties

Quality Interior Coatings performs its services under the following CSI MasterFormat codes:

  • 07100-Dampproofing and waterproofing
  • 07900-Joint Sealers
  • 09050-Basic finish
  • 09300-Tile
  • 09600-Floors
  • 09700-Wall finishes
  • 09900-Paint and Coatings
  • 07050-Basic thermal and moisture protection material and methods