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As a popular option in new construction homes, radiant heating has become an increasingly desirable option for homeowners as a retrofit or part of a remodel. Traditionally, radiant heating has been a great option for a wide variety of flooring types: tile, carpet, wood and more. After all, radiant heating is more efficient than forced-air heating, it doesn’t blow allergens around the home like forced-air heating, and, most importantly, it solves the bare-feet-on-cold-floor issue.

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Now, QIC offers a new, innovative combination:

Epoxy-coated radiant heated floors

What Makes Epoxy-coated Radiant Heated Floors a Great Option?

Not only are heated epoxy floors a perfectly viable option, they’re the best option for many households. The durability of epoxy makes it quite compatible with radiant under-floor heating systems. Not only are heated epoxy floors a perfectly viable option, they’re the best option for many households. The durability of epoxy makes it quite compatible with radiant under-floor heating systems. Additionally, epoxy flooring provides an easy-to-clean surface that warms evenly for optimal underfoot comfort on cold winter days.

What Are Customers Are Saying:

I am very impressed with QIC.
My husband and I are renovating our newly purchased home. He wanted to have a radiant heating system installed under the ceramic tile in our kitchen. It wasn’t something I was really motivated to have; I didn't think it was necessary and thought of it as a luxury I didn’t want to pay for. He finally convinced me so… we had it installed prior to having the tile installed.

I’m so glad he convinced me. The warmth coming through the cold ceramic floor is amazing! Not too warm, the temperature can easily be lowered and raised to my liking. It’s so nice to have warm toes when I’m standing in the kitchen preparing, cooking or leaning against the counter enjoying a mug of tea! Our cats love it, too; like they’ve died and gone to Heaven

The workmanship and professionalism of the installers was impressive. They took care to protect our newly installed cabinetry and willingly explained the process. Installing the radiant heating only added a day to our project; it was entirely worth it. We’re so happy with the end result that we’ve decided to have it installed under the ceramic in the foyer as well as in our master bath, when the time comes.

I highly recommend QIC for your flooring needs and suggest going the extra mile by adding radiant heating. Warm toes are the best when it’s 20-degrees outside!

Joanne, Qic Customer

Radiant Heating For All Floors

In addition to epoxy-coated radiant heated flooring, Quality Interior Coatings works with StepHeat and ThermoSoft to provide high-quality heated floors for a wide range of floor covering materials, including:

  • Vinyl
  • Vinyl Composite
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Carpet
  • Wood

For garage floors, driveways and walkways, QIC offers in-ground ice melting systems. As every Michigander knows, shoveling the walkways of your home is not only a huge pain in the neck (and back) but can also cause damage to the walkway over time. Additionally, calcium chloride (road salt) can cause damage to the concrete or stone of the driveway and rust your vehicles, and it also gets tracked everywhere – into your car, into your home and all over your footwear. With professional installation at reasonable prices, ice melting systems provide both safety and convenience in the coldest months of the year.

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Other advantages of this type of system include:

Constant, even heat distribution

Traditional home heating systems heat the air directly, causing hot air to rise while the cold air sinks, which results in uneven distribution of heat. Radiant floor heating, on the other hand, overcomes this by applying direct, even heat to warm the people and objects in the room.


Epoxy and other self-leveling floor coatings have relatively low RC values, which means the materials transmit heat at higher rates than other flooring materials. This translates to more efficient heating and potential energy cost savings.


Radiant floor heating systems have a much smaller physical footprint in the home compared to other heating systems. Since the heating elements run under the floor, space that was previously occupied by radiators and other heating components is now free to be used for other purposes.


The combination of a clean, seamless floor surface and the lack of ugly heating components make epoxy-coated radiant flooring an ideal choice for homeowners who value a cleaner, more minimalist look.