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Serving homeowners and businesses in Southeast Michigan and beyond, Quality Interior Coatings (QIC) offers both safety and aesthetics in the form of epoxy floor coatings.

With five-plus decades of experience in floor coating application, moisture remediation and floor leveling, we pride ourselves on delivering high-performing epoxy floors to residents and business owners in the northern midwest region of the US. Combined with the knowledge and dedication of our team, our experience allows us to provide only the best when it comes to your floor project.

What is Resinous Floor Coating?

A resinous coating can breathe new life into a floor with its strength, resilience and aesthetic potential. Resinous floor coatings have historically been used in garages, warehouses and showrooms, but the aesthetic properties of epoxy have made it a popular choice for residential interior floors in recent years. But what exactly is resinous floor coating?

The most common resinous floor coating is a two-component system made up of resin and polyamine hardener that provides a long lasting, durable, aesthetically pleasing floor coating.

resinous floor coatings

Quality Interior Coatings (QIC) offers both safety and aesthetics in the form of resinous floor coatings.

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Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coatings are customizable as well as exceptionally durable, lasting for a decade or more with proper maintenance. When paired with a urethane coating, epoxy floor surfaces are also:

  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Chemical resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Water- and stain-resistant
  • Cost effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • UV resistant

Epoxy is applied in layers, so it can easily be built up to any desired thickness, and since epoxy is poured, it cures and hardens to a smooth, highly visible surface without seams, joints or ridges.

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Types of Epoxy Floor Coating

Guide to Resinous Flooring

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Antistatic Epoxy Coating

Specially formulated to prevent the buildup and release of electrical charges. Commonly used in hospitals, labs and electronics facilities.

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Flaked Epoxy Coating

Multicolored flakes are applied to the epoxy coating while it is still wet. Various flake sizes and color blends provide hundreds of options for a decorative aesthetic finish.

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Mortar Epoxy Coating

Sand is mixed into epoxy and troweled onto the floor for a non-slip, heavy-duty surface. Designed for industrial use.

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Self-leveling Epoxy Coating

Can be applied over old, cracked concrete to create a very smooth surface with your desired aesthetic finish.

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Quartz Epoxy Coating

Quartz, a hard mineral, provides extra durability and can be used as a bonding agent, a decorative element, or ensure an anti-slip surface. Vinyl microchip is a softer underfoot option that gives the appearance of quartz.

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Terrazzo Epoxy Coating

Aggregates such as glass, marble or granite chips are mixed into the epoxy. Cures to a smooth surface, highly decorative and easy to clean.

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Vapor Barrier Epoxy Coating

Provides an impenetrable substrate that reduces vapor transmission to virtually zero. Applied directly to concrete, this coating provides long-lasting protection to any variety of finish flooring materials.

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From consultation to final cleanup, our professional installers make the process seem like a breeze. Our team will ensure that your floors are properly prepared, evenly coated and well-bonded for optimal performance and longevity.

Whether you are seeking a slip-resistant floor solution or are focused mainly on aesthetic value, our skilled epoxy installers will deliver exactly what you need, quickly and efficiently.